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Our vision - save furniture

Furniture rescue is a self-chosen word from us furniture unfolders.

But what does furniture rescue actually mean to us? Who will save her and can you save furniture too?

Furniture rescue is much more than just picking up a piece of furniture from the street, refurbishing it and passing it on to someone else. It's the attitude, your mind set. It's about so much more than "just" keeping a piece of furniture from the garbage.

You save a story, you keep it, work on it and refurbish it so that it can shine like new. An armchair where grandma used to read her children's favorite story at 3 a.m. because once again nobody wanted to sleep. The older gentleman who used to roll his cigars on the secretary back when tobacco still tasted good. The lady who dressed up during the day so that the painting of her that now hangs over your shoe rack can be painted.

These stories that you can only guess, sometimes guess, sometimes ponder and sometimes just smile. It is precisely the stories that make it so that pieces of furniture are not simply thrown away, burned or left to collect dust. It is precisely these stories that make a piece of furniture unique with heart, sweat and a lot of love.

Your furniture unfolders

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