Wie kannst du wirklich etwas verändern auf unserer Welt?

How can you really change something in our world?

Would you like to be a world improver? No problem, it's not that difficult.

Here are a few everyday tricks for you and the environment.

Change the world. A lot of people talk about it, but it's more difficult to implement. Here I give you 10 tips that you can easily integrate into your everyday life to make the world a little bit better.

*Use Tupperware instead of foil or bread paper
*Try to eat plant-based & regional as much as possible
*Room out, lights out
*Save the polar bears, close the fridge
*Better thick socks and a blanket instead of heating up to 5
*Have you ever thought about green electricity?
*Move, not in the car, but on foot, by public transport or by bike
*Let trees be trees and don't print every piece of booze on paper
*Take your rubbish with you and the deposit belongs next to it
*Give yourself and the world a smile as often as possible!!!

So until then and stay curious about the world and life.

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