Right from the start, aware of what really counts

Möbelentfalter was founded with the idea of ​​change in mind. More upcycling, conserving resources, better working conditions and short delivery routes.

We want to change something and contribute to a sustainable economy . Renunciation of plastic, supply with eco-electricity and supply with sustainable alternatives are important contents in our company.

Of course we are still looking for innovative solutions . Here are six points to guide our way.

  • Humane occupational safety and sustainable growth

    It's about sustainable growth . Möbelentfalter conserves resources, creates jobs and bears social and ecological responsibility. The aim is to protect the environment and enforce sustainability aspects. As a local company, we influence good working conditions, employee insurance and short delivery routes.

  • redesign and change

    We want to create affordable and equal access to sustainable furniture. That's why we're always looking for creative answers to important questions that challenge furniture unfolders. We want to protect the climate and resources and value a clear and transparent exchange.

  • Sustainable City Life

    On the subject of sustainable cities, we try to contribute to a development that is gentle on the cycle . Upcycling is the keyword and should contribute to the affordable furnishing of apartments in Hamburg and the surrounding area. As a future-oriented urban company, we are faced with the challenge of achieving environmentally friendly development to protect the climate.

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  • Sustainable consumption and production

    The earth only has a certain capacity. So that we can continue to live in the future, we have to change our consumption behavior and the production of goods. Möbelentfalter was born out of the idea not to create a new production of furniture , but to expand the cycle of broken pieces of furniture. Now old pieces of furniture no longer have to be thrown away, but can be refurbished by us or left there as a donation.

  • Measures for climate protection

    Every year, 8.8 million hectares of forest are cut down worldwide. That's roughly an area the size of all of Ireland! Soils are losing their fertility and many creatures are losing their habitat. Biodiversity is dwindling rapidly. This is a vicious cycle that large furniture chains, among others, set in motion. We want to break this cycle. That's why we source 100% green electricity from Germany, among other things. Instead of producing new, we recycle, use everything as many times as possible and let ourselves be inspired by donations and ideas of all kinds. Be a part of it too!

  • Partnerships & Cooperations

    Together we are strong! Now together we can achieve our goal of a sustainable society and economy . This is also the reason why we cooperate with local organizations and small to medium-sized self-made companies. With joint responsibility for change and transparent, partnership-based implementation, we create the path to sustainable climate protection.

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