about Us

Möbelentfalter emerged from the idea of ​​wanting to change something in society. After studying architecture, Lena founded Möbelentfalter in January '19. Furniture ends up in bulky waste or gathers dust in the basement. We offer an alternative on the Hamburg furniture market and are not only a seller, but also a service provider. We have now been on the market for 3 years.

We are against the ever-growing throwaway society. We want to change something. There is so much great furniture that has a scratch on it, a leg off, or the drawer is stuck. All this furniture ends up in bulky waste. Furniture Unfolder will help you change that. Your grandmother's favorite piece will be spruced up again or the old chest of drawers from the attic will be given a new life.

Let's save furniture together!

  • Handmade with great attention to detail

  • Upcycling of furniture and decorative elements

  • Save furniture with Kurt